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    • Efficient growth and faster results
    • Better focus and use of resources
    • Increased profitability and higher revenue
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    • Are your current online actions supporting your business goals?
    • Are you getting the most out of your online marketing investment?
    • How are you performing compared to your competition?
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    from the mistakes you haven't even thought of yet.

Our Company

Get it Right is a management consultancy with strong implementation skills focused on digital change. We develop our clients’ online business, assisting our clients in creating a more profitable and efficient business via online channels. Our mission is to deliver practical solutions that lead to measurable success.


  • “Our company is growing fast and expanding rapidly to new markets. In this process, Get it Right has proven to be a valuable partner. Get It Right has not only met the set project targets but proactively facilitated our internal discussion bettering cross-border understanding of eCommerce.”        

    Raimo Mansikkaoja
    Vice President, Business Development
    Nokian Tyres

  • “Get it Right has helped us set up our Nordic online presence. I was very impressed with their ability to turn a complex matter into a comprehensive action plan.’’

    James Robertson
    VIP Manager, Tower Gaming Ltd.
    Costa Rica

  • “In addition to developing both our strategic and tactical approach to online marketing, Get it Right has helped us build a very comprehensive eCommerce tracking and online business monitoring system which allows us to track and guide our international online business.”

    Roope Tähkä
    International Marketing Manager
    Vianor Holding (part of Nokian Tyres Group)

  • “Get it Right has been our trusted advisor in the Internet business for years. They have been the key ingredient in our current online success.’’ See an example of Google dominance; type ‘sukellus Thaimaa’ in www.google.fi

    Janne Miikkulainen
    Entrepreneur, Raya Divers Co Ltd.
    Phuket, Thailand

  • ”It has been a great experience working with both Procountor and Get it Right to optimize our online presence and business so that it helps both us and Procountor be more successful.”

    Lauri Mertaoja
    Chairman of the board
    Talouskonsultointi Mertaoja Oy

  • “What really impressed us was Get it Right’s ability to understand our business and turn that understanding into practical measures that we could implement, test, and start benefiting from fast. This means more business for us and more business for our partners.”

    Raimo Vaalasranta
    ProCountor International Oy

Our Services

We offer our clients strategy services: setting business goals for online business and a framework for management; implementation services: online execution, which is the hardest part, is our strength; and management services: ensuring that online actions constantly create the desired results.